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Have your heard about Alexander technique?

"You translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into muscular tension" - FM Alexander

Frederick Matthias Alexander, born in Tasmania 1869. Alexander suffered from respiratory problems throughout his life. He was working as an actor and his breathing issues were affecting his career. Doctors were unable to suggest a cure, so Alexander was looking for a solution to help himself. He was observing his posture, habits and breathing. Alexander noticed that tension around his throat area linked to the tension in his entire body. He focused on mind-body connection and in 1890 developed Alexander Technique.

About Alexander Technique

The Alexander technique is based on observation of habits that are caused by physical tension and how those habits affects and change our lives. The body and mind work together to improve our health but lack of knowledge and awareness can cause serious health problems along with pain and inability to maintain good health and well-being. We hold the stress and strain in our body. We often tense up and many of us spend our lives that way. The Alexander technique's focus is on the main postural muscles and how they are affected by life. Improve the body-mind connection, physical, mental and spiritual health.

"People do not decide their future; they decide their habits and their habits decide their future" - FM Alexander

         Holistic Health

FM Alexander was one of the first holistic educator. The term "holistic health literally means the health being". Holistic health includes physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual health.

The aspects of good physical health:

  • Eat healthy food

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Exercise regularly

  • Learn to relax

  • Get a medical help when needed.

The aspects of good Psychological health:

  • Thoughts,Thinking patterns cause mental health problems

  • Brain function

  • Psychology.

The aspects of good Emotional health:

  • Empathy

  • Emotional awareness

  • Emotional intelligence.

The aspects of good Social health:

  • Positive relationships

  • Positive social experiences

  • A support network, avoiding and preventing loneliness.

Social and emotional health are linked. This is because of social awareness and well-being are so often affected by how we feel and our social presence.

The aspects of Spiritual health:

  • Belief

  • Faith

  • Conscious awareness.

The Alexander technique was created as an awareness-focused teaching method. It teachers self-awareness of all areas of holistic health and lifestyle. It's what we do in our yoga classes. Try our classes online or in our studio. It's a freeing, conscious movement, mindful awareness technique that works with the body-mind for ultimate well-being.

The 5 principle of Alexander technique:

  1. Recognising habits that cause us pain, discomfort and stress

  2. Practicing inhibition, be aware of your posture. It means recognition and prevention

  3. Recognising faulty sensory information, this means to recognise and understand what the body says

  4. Using direction, conscious instruction from the brain to the body, change tension to softness in muscles

  5. Practicing primary control, being aware of and in control of the function and movement of the body

The principles are used to create a positive process of change by directed learning and intentional habit building. It can be very difficult to go it alone. Join our yoga classes to learn more

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