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Yoga for menopause

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

You can't prevent menopause, we know it is coming, so we can prepare ourself for change.

Yoga for Menopause is a unique approach to the physical and emotional changes that come with ageing. It provides a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for women of all ages to experience the healing benefits of yoga. My movement approaches provide the perfect antidote to the hormonal fluctuations of midlife and address the physical, mental and emotional aspects of menopause. My classes are designed to give women the support, knowledge and tools they need to navigate this transition with ease.

Join our Yoga for menopause class on 22 Friday at 7pm. You will learn a natural way to balance hormones with yoga and Seed cycling.

Our yoga classes are beneficial for helping to maintain bone strength, improving muscle strength and balance, as well as helping with posture and pain.

Common Postural Defects
Lower crossed syndrome

There is no doubt that the menopause has a raft of undesirable consequences and for many women weight gain is one. But what about the Menopause pot? Vladamir Janda described a postural presentation that he called the ‘lower crossed syndrome’. This involves a pattern of muscle weakness and tightness characterised by weak abdominals and weak gluteus maximus together with tight hip flexors and tight spinal erectors. This generally results in a forward tilted pelvis when we stand and can give the appearance of a ‘pot belly’. I had a lower crossed syndrome and pain in my lower back for many years. Now I know how to align pelvis and reduce a "pot belly". Online yoga

There are two poses for you to practice at home:

1. Create strong core and gluteus muscles. Practice 3 times a week, hold as long as you wish and by time you will improve.

2. Stretch your Hip flexors (psoas muscles) Release tension in your lower back and knees. Relax your mind and your body. Practice after plank pose. Hold 3 min. Make sure no pain in your lower back

3. Practice this breathing technique. You will increase the energy level and reduce anxiety.

More videos you can find on our website, go here


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