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 Recovery Therapy with Scenar in Canberra

Yoga for Posture

yoga for posture canberra - scenar therapy for sport injuries
We are using electro-magnetic device, Scenar technology for massage. SCENAR is an advanced form of interactive neurostimulation using unique two-phase biopolar impulses, feedback capabilities, and individually dosed influence.
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      Our innovative Scenar therapy is a highly effective pain relief solution for many disorders and injuries, internal diseases, and inflammatory processes 

Try our unique

  • Beauty massage 

  • Pain relief after liposuction 

  • Muscle  strengthening 

  • Before and after sport

  • Anti Cellulate massage

       The devices are handheld and designed to powerfully stimulate the body’s own healing capacity. Studies from the Macquarie University of Sydney have shown dramatic results with pain reduction, functional improvement, and health restoration after Scenar Therapy. Evidence-based trials have shown that with the right stimuli, the human body is able to allocate more internal healing resources to speed up recovery from chronic pain, chronic diseases, and injuries.


        RITM SCENAR technology and protocols have been designed to facilitate this process and bring faster results than most other therapies.

1. Relief of acute and chronic pains. The device helps the production of natural pain-alleviating substances. This allows use against pains of any origin injuries, internal diseases, and inflammatory processes.

2. From bruises to serious circulatory diseases. With the scenar device, the blood vessel control can be regulated and normalized, allowing use in cases of infarction, cerebral circulation, ischemic heart conditions, arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and varicose veins. By regulating local blood flow, bruises, and hematomas, edemas of various origins, including insect stings can be prevented or rapidly removed. The effect may be noticeable in 5-10 min from the beginning of treatment.

       3. Improve muscle tone and relief pain. The regulation of muscle tone and blood flow allows Scenar therapy to be used for various muscle diseases and injuries, for treating posture disorders, scoliosis, lower back pain.

4. Anti-inflammatory. The effect of scenar treatment improves local circulation and has been clinically proven to activate the blood cells responsible for immunity functions. It can prevent inflammation if applied timely, speed up the resolution, and alleviate inflammatory processes' symptoms.

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