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Corporate yoga in Canberra

 Corporate  Birthday Yoga Party in Canberra

Your posture is a presentation of your physical and mental health
corporate yoga birthday party

       Our corporate Birthday wellness party is the perfect way to celebrate in a fun and healthy way! Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to join us for 2-hour yoga, meditation, and relaxation. Take a break from the stress of the day and let us take care of the rest. Book a Birthday wellness party, and get 20% off


   Yoga in the office. Our corporate yoga service provides a unique opportunity for employees to take a break from their daily routines and focus on their physical and mental health. Our classes are tailored to the specific needs of each office environment and offer a safe and comfortable space for employees to practice yoga, meditation, and relaxation techniques. Our experienced instructors are available to guide your team through a variety of techniques to help reduce stress, improve well-being, and build relationships.

     Our corporate yoga classes will help keep your employees fit, healthy & energized. 

          Our teacher Elena Amani is highly qualified.
We can customize a program for your company based on your specific requirements. 

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