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   Yoga Retreat Australia

Join us for our legendary
Detox Yoga Retreat from 1 pm Wednesday 3 January to late on the 4th $250

Yoga for posture

Yoga for Posture Canberra - Yoga Retreat
Yoga for Posture Canberra - Retreat House Image

Rejuvenate your body and mind

We are lucky to stay in a historic farmhouse near to the lake and sea “Rosebank” in Turlinjah. Thanks to my dear yoga student Jane for this amazing present! The house is located under 2.5 hours from Canberra, just south of Moruya and close to Tuross Heads. You will feel the amazing energy of this beautiful place.

Don't miss it!

There are 5 rooms - two doubles, one king single, 1 twin room, 1 single and a swimming pool. We can have 8 people.

The environment that you will live in, whether you like it or not, contributes highly to your health and mind state and support the detoxification process:

1. Close to nature: as it helps to invoke more harmony (sattva) into your life

2. Peaceful and away from disturbing noise: to avoid further imbalances that are caused by excessive stimulation to the body. Ideally, your body's senses are minimally used and maximally rested

3. Healthy food: Much of the food for Vitality Now Retreat comes from the local farmers and is free of chemicals 

4. Ocean fresh air: gentle walks through the negative-ion rich jungle enhance the detox process and energize the cells.


      What you will learn?

1. The secret energy of your body

2. Healing techniques to clean your body and mind

3. Daily yoga/movement classes

4. Face Yoga

5. Introducing Ashtanga Yoga

6. Thai yoga massage


What You need to bring:

1. Linen

2. We can share Food (we can chat later) Please contact me if you have any questions:  


Our retreat is designed to Rejuvenate your body and mind. The retreat encompasses a variety of yoga styles, including Ashtanga and face yoga, for a holistic approach to your wellness. Plus, with the ocean at your fingertips and healthy, energizing food fueling your day, you’ll leave feeling completely restored.
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