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 Beauty Scenar therapy in Canberra

Yoga for Posture

SCENAR technology provides the long-term healthy appearance of the skin, helping boost the energy of the body. 1. Lymphatic drainage massage.
When lymph circulates normally, the skin regenerates and heals particularly well.
2. «Face shaping» technique. Muscle stimulation.
SCENAR helps tighten skin and muscles, drain fat around the face and neck, and clear wrinkle lines.
3. Wrinkle management.
Every line, wrinkle, and spot on your face has its own special meaning.
4. SCENAR therapy of scars.
Post operational rehabilitation with SCENAR therapy decreases pain, improves structure of fatty tissue (after liposuction), diminishes constriction, on the stage of formation of scar prevents keloids and contracture.
5. Beauty Protocol

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Nourish Your Skin and Unwind Your Mind

Wrap Yourself in Relief: The Scenar Therapy ULM Blanket

scenar face massage

We are using a ULM blanket. It assists the body and mind to relax, recover, and re-energize. It has been proven to be successful in the regulation of sleep disorders, resisting stress, reducing muscle tension, and anti-aging effects.
The ULM  blanket works essentially by reflecting away external energies that may be negatively influencing the body and also by reflecting back to the body's own energies.

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