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COVID-19, latest updates

The ACT Government has been reviewing the ongoing use of Check In CBR, and changes are being made to the way the tool is used. From 11.59pm Friday 11 February 2022, Check In CBR will only be required for the following business categories:

  • Licensed bars, pubs and taverns

  • Registered clubs

  • Nightclubs

  • Strip clubs and brothels

  • Organised events that are not ticketed or pre-registered, including conferences, music events and sporting events.

These businesses must continue to display the Check In CBR QR Code and ask visitors and customers to check-in. Businesses who are not listed above no longer need to ask visitors and customers to check in or to display QR codes. They may keep their codes, for voluntary use by people entering their premises. Key questions and answers which may assist you: How many businesses will be required to maintain Check In CBR?

  • Only a small number of businesses will need to continue to use the Check in CBR app, as outlined above.

  • ACT Health has identified the listed businesses as high impact businesses – this means there is a lot of movement in and out of the business, with limited ability to identify individuals who are attending. Patrons of these businesses who are aged 16 years and older will continue to be required to check in, and businesses must use the business profile function of the app if patrons are unable to check in.

My business is no longer required to use Check In CBR do I need to continue to display the signage?

  • You can still choose to display the posters to provide customers a choice on if they would like to register their attendance, to support the customer’s own tracking of their activity.

  • You do not have to ask customers to Check In.

  • ACT Health recommends that businesses who choose to remove the posters with the QR codes retain them in their records, and do not remove the business profile functionality from devices.

What about the other restrictions?

  • All businesses and venues still need to continue to ensure that:

    • Facemasks are worn inside businesses and workplaces. However, patrons can remove masks for some reasons, including if they are seated at a food business, when eating and drinking or undertaking vigorous exercise;

    • COVID-19 Safety Plans are up to date and followed;

    • you are staying within your venue’s COVID-19 capacity (occupancy);

    • social distancing is accommodated;

    • patrons must remain seated while eating and drinking in hospitality venues

    • staff and patrons who are unwell do not enter your premises; and,

    • you are displaying mandatory signage as required. Updated posters are available on the Business Hub.

Need further information?

  • visit

  • read the current ACT Public Health Directions

  • call the Access Canberra Business Liaison Team on (02) 6205 0900

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

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