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Beach-yoga to kindle your heart + body?

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Image of heart drawn in the sand, inscribed “from the heart”
What message will you write?

12-14 March let’s head to Wollongong. Your retreat to discover yoga-mindfulness.

3 day beach-yoga retreat — Nourish, Connect + Refresh

Nurture yourself. Savour family time and swim through the tumbling waves.

12 March - Day 1: Nourish

Ready for beach-barre yoga limbering?

You’ll learn quick and easy spinal stretches and more…

Grab the barre. Discover forward folds, back and side bending and more. Feel blood tingle through your spine up into your neck.

Moonlit beach stroll

Gaze up at the twinkling stars. Breathe in the fresh salty air.

13 March - Day 2: Connect

Sunrise splash

Stroll barefoot across the beach as the wind whips your face. Watch the majestic sun splash the sky orange-pink.

Discover standing poses + mindful meditation

Feel the sand tickle your toes as you learn spinal mobility exercises.

What’s more, you’ll discover how mindful meditation can free up your mind-body tensions.

Thirsty to relax?

Embrace some family time. Nestle into the sand. Listen to the roaring ocean.

Splash. Swim through tumbling waves as the seagulls squawk overhead.

 Nan Tien Temple yoga balance pose outside temple's steps
The biggest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere  

Ready to climb Nan Tien Temple* steps?

You’ll discover chambers, 3 shrines, artefacts + more. Be sure to read the scriptures to learn about ancient Buddhist wisdoms.

Time to savour stillness?

Pass purple wisterias. Inhale (pause) exhale. Breathe in the lotus flowers’ perfume.

Meditate within the temple’s gardens. You’ll learn to connect with your mind and slow down your whirling thoughts. What’s more, you’ll melt away your anxiety and stress.

Feel calmness and lightness inside your body.

Join us for lunch before you leave.

Where to next?

Relax. Plenty of free-time to explore Wollongong’s highlights.

Or lace up your walking shoes, and join an impromptu 30 minute hike through Maddens Falls, Dharawal National Park. You’ll step onto a boardwalk and discover a viewing platform that overlooks a 10m waterfall.

Image of Barre-yoga forward stretch near Wollongong’s Men’s Baths and Rockpool
Beach-barre yoga: Wollongong Men's Baths and Rockpool

5pm beach-barre

You’ll learn spinal stretches + more as the waves break.

6pm dinner

7pm. Connect into your mind

Are you a rebel, dilettante or a clown archetype?

You’ll discover 70 personality archetypes (in only 2-hour workshop):

  • How to empower yourself with emotional awareness and help shift your behaviour patterns

  • More about your life purpose (sacred contracts)

Plus learn how to:

  • Cultivate a kinder you

  • Nurture relationships with others

14 March - Day 3: Refresh

Yoga waves meditation

7am. Inhale and exhale with the ocean’s rhythm. Ah….

Sea air whet your appetite? Before you wave goodbye, join us for a delicious wholesome breakfast. Wash it down with a fresh orange-ginger juice.

Before you head home

Stand on Stanwell Tops as the ocean swirls and rumbles below you. If you dare… harness yourself up for a spectacular tandem paraglider flight. It’s a popular spot on weekends, we recommend you book.

Where to stay

Looking for cozy affordable 2-night accommodation? Why not try Downtown Motel (you could pay around $255). Check out to select your room.

Craving beach-yoga retreat?

BONUS offer: Book retreat and pay just $180 (normally $360). Expires 2nd March.

You’ll get FREE 1-hour online yoga restorative session (redeem by March 31).

Check out your Mindfulness Beach-Yoga Retreat Itinerary.

P.S Share your experience with a special friend.

*Take note: Indoor temple photography is not permitted.

See you soon for our fun beach-yoga adventure.

Elena Amani

Phone: 0409 078 066

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