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5 reasons to correct your posture

Do you know how slouching can affect your health and why correcting your posture is so important?

Reason # 1. Headache

The tension of the neck muscles can lead to headaches. Your neck supports the weight of your head. These muscles can be injured and irritated from overuse and bad posture. When they spasm, they pinch the nerves, reduce blood circulation and causing headaches. If you feel the tension in the shoulders and back of your head, then do not neglect it. Do some exercises to relax your neck muscles.

Reason # 2. Shortness of breath and heart palpitations on exertion

Have you ever experienced severe chest pain after exercise? The muscle spasms in the diaphragm cause a feeling of heartache when it is impossible to take a deep breath. When we slouch all the time, our internal organs suffer: the lungs, heart and even the stomach contract and gradually deform, causing sudden pain.

Reason # 3. Sports injuries

Going to the gum is highly traumatic for those with problems in the thoracic and lumbar regions. Even squats can lead to injury because the entire load with a weak back falls on the knee joints. Injuries can happen while running, dancing and even walking. The spine is strong enough to tolerate the pressure of a slouched spine for about 20min before the vertebral discs start to absorb the pressure.

Reason number 4. Chronic fatigue

Poor posture creates imbalances in the muscles, which leads to additional stress. The combination of "poor posture, lack of rest and sleep disturbance" can develop an office syndrome. Office Syndrome refers to various symptoms, including the inflammation of the neck, shoulder and back muscles.

Reason # 5. Back pain

80% of people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives and seek necessary treatment. Modernization and technological advancement of our culture, and the accompanying habits to be more sedentary are sitting poorly, have set new societal patterns affecting posture. Pathological tension of the back and shoulder girdle muscles causes poor blood circulation, pain, and swelling.

Would you like to correct your posture?

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This is a simple technique uses a small bolster or towel. All exercises are on the floor.

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