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Align posture, release pain and lose weight!

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  • 27Steps
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Looking for fresh ways to transform your body shape and improve your posture? Join our 28-day home program now. You’ll learn an effective weight loss routine whilst you align your pelvis. You’ll get 15+ videos along with clear instructions to practice at home. You’ll discover Dr. Fukutsujy's 7 easy relaxing floor posture alignment exercises. You only need a small bolster or towel. You’ll discover how to: 1. Take your body measurements (before and after) 2. Correct and align your pelvis and spine 3. Strengthen your abdominal muscles and glutes 4. Lose the stubborn fat around your abdomen and hips 5. Relax your back to relieve any pain Follow your video lessons for just 28-days & celebrate as your new body takes shape. Will these posture aligning exercises help me lose weight? Almost all our students say that after only two sessions their waist size decreased by one centimetre. What’s more, participants have commented that they experienced better posture and a feeling of lightness in their spine (just after their first lesson). In fact our students noticed their spine lengthen one to two centimetres. Here’s our student's experience: "I would like to write in support of the significant benefits accrued from regular practice. I lost over 4cm around my waist and other reduction in key area. People observed that my shape was changing-and for the better"- Jane, 54y.o. Ready to accelerate your weight loss now? Join your course here or via the mobile app.

You can also join this program via the mobile app.



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