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How I relieved the chronic pain and created Yoga for posture.

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

I had hip bursitis and hypo lordosis for many years. The pain was so strong that I couldn’t do exercises and I couldn't sleep, I was only 35 years old I was looking for a solution how to release pain and be healthy.

My orthopedist advised: MOVE LESS

My bodyworker advised: Align your pelvis, do right exercises.

I was trying to move less but I become worst. What is the solution when fears to hurt yourself are overwhelming you?

For the last 12 years, I have been researching hips, knees, and lower back issues due to my injuries. I have met amazing doctors and teachers who have been a part of my healing journey. Thanks to this I have become a Yoga therapy instructor, Posture expert, and Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner, supporting natural pain relief. Today I would like to share my knowledge with you.

The body and mind work together to improve our health but lack of knowledge and awareness can cause serious health problems along with pain and inability to maintain good health and well-being. We hold the stress and strain in our bodies. We often tense up and many of us spend our lives that way. I created "Yoga for posture" and my focus is on the main postural muscles and how they are affected by life. Posture correction is the main key to release pain simply stretching and strengthening muscles isn't the best way to transform the body. ​ Observation of body symmetry and asymmetry in yoga postures can help identify problems. ​​

Yoga for posture isn't classic yoga, it's a yoga therapy where we are learning different tools and approaches to release mental and physical pain. I released all chronic pain and I am helping people like me. Join our classes and get your goal with us.

Video from 2020: I was practicing Yoga for 9 years. I become better but the pain was there. You can see my right leg is moving out of aliment and it was difficult to lift my legs.

It took me only 12 months to release pain and move freely, video 2021

What did I change or add to my practice?

I added to my practice a MYOFASCIAL MASSAGE. Book a yoga session

What we are doing in our yoga session? What is the secret to release pain?
Yoga for posture = Yoga postures + Myofascial massage + Muscle energy technique + Mindfulness + Breathing

Thanks to all my students who continue practicing with me.

Elena Amani

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