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Scenar therapy increases the efficiency of training

The use of SCENAR therapy before training increases the blood saturation of the muscles, which makes it possible to increase the efficiency of training and accelerate recovery after a possible overload.

– Restoration of microcirculation – Recovery of muscle tone – Lymphatic drainage effect – Regeneration – Relief pain – Restoration of normal physiological activity of cells

--- Improve mobility

To avoid frequent “overtraining” and the body’s suffering from exceeding the load limit, we are using MAGIC GLOVES


"I was not able to lift my left arm over my head without experiencing pain. Elena used the Scenar gloves on the affected area for half an hour to 45 minutes. By the end of the treatment my shoulder felt better than it had for a long time and I was able to move it without pain. It has remained almost pain free since. I would happily be treated with Scenar again." MARY

"I had scenar therapy today with Elena for my frozen shoulder and it has significantly improved my range of motion after just one treatment. I highly recommend this gentle therapy for pain relief and increased movement. Thanks Elena!" KIM

Contact: Elena Amani 0409078066

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