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Relief pain, improve flexibility with Scenar therapy!

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Scenar is used to relief pain in various diseases and injuries, in sports medicine, and in cosmetology. At the present time, scenar devices remain unique and have no analogs by efficiency.

What does SCENAR stand for?

SC- Self -Controlled. The device established a biofeedback link with the organism when in use, constantly changing the properties of the applied electric impulses depending on the measured reaction.

EN- Energo-Neuro. The effect is based on electric impulses of a specific shape, patterned after the natural nervous discharges of the human body, which causes resonance effects in the organs and tissues.

AR-Adaptive Regulator. The device not only provides direct therapeutic effect, but activates the natural defences of the organism. The effect is achieved through stimulation of reflective zones and active points on the skin surface.

With these three components, Scenar achieves a compound therapeutic effect at a radically new level. Its direct effect is several times stronger than of other physiotherapeutic devices, with no undesirable side effects.

When to expect benefits from scenar?

Relief of acute and chronic pains

The device helps the production of natural pain-alleviating substances. This allows use against pains of any origin injuries, internal diseases, inflammatory processes.

From bruises to serious circulatory diseases.

With the scenar device the blood vessel control can be regulated and normalised, allowing use in cases of infarction, cerebral circulation, ischemic heart conditions, arteriosclerosis, thrombosis and varicose veins. By regulating local blood flow, bruises and hematomas, edemas of various origins, including insect stings can be prevented or rapidly removed. The effect may be noticeable in a little as 5-10 min from beginning of treatment.

Improve muscle tone and relief pain

The regulation of muscle tone and blood flow allows Scenar therapy to be used for various muscle diseases and injuries, for treating posture disorders, scoliosis, lower back pain.


The effect of scenar treatment improves local circulation and has been clinically proven to activate the blood cells responsible for immunity functions. It can prevent inflammation if applied timely, or speed up the resolution and alleviates symptoms of inflammatory processes.


Scenar is able to provide significant relief for allergy sufferers. The normalisation of immune response and local therapy for such manifestations of allergy as rhinitis and dermatitis can greatly decrease sensitivity to pollens, medications, foodstuffs and other allergens.

Emergency and daily aid

The scenar devices have proven effective in various emergency conditions-preventing the onset of shock, restoring consciousness in faints, in case of injuries, bleeding (not sever bleeding), burns, frostbites.

General normalisation

Scenar therapy promotes the normalisation of protein, fat, carbohydrate metabolism, balances mineral and electrolyte exchanges, hence its use in metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, arthritis etc. Normalisation effects include immunity stabilization and fortifying the natural defences of the organism. Regulation of internal secretion processes with scenar treatment allows to successfully use in hormonal conditions.

Cosmetic application

Scenar therapy can improve the skin condition through circulation and general tonic effect. It can relief pain and relax face and neck muscles.

Regular use of scenar device improves the general physical and psychological well- being, improves productivity and harmonises sleep patterns.l

Be happy and free!

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