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Experience the amazing benefits of face self-massage! Our unique face yoga method poses are designed to help you look and feel your best, with face lifting, neck pain relief, and more! Start your journey today to a healthier, happier you.  Read about us in The Canberra Times article
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  My face yoga experience

      My name is Elena Amani and I specialize in face yoga. After suffering from neck and jaw pain due to stress, I found that I could not see a doctor during the pandemic. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and learn face yoga. I have been teaching and practicing face yoga since 2020. My goals were to find neck and jaw pain relief and create a more symmetrical face.

Look I have got amazing results from Facial Self Massage in 6 months!

  • My skin became brighter by increasing blood flow to the skin

  • My face became slimmer by boosting my lymphatic system

  • I reduced visible signs of aging

  • I got a more symmetrical face 

  • My posture become better

  • I found neck and jaw pain relief

  • Plumed my lips

  • Lifted my eyelids and created bigger eyes

  • Removed the hump

Face yoga and face lifting massage, i changed my face in 6 months
Face yoga,  20 years difference.

 2021             2001

Does face yoga is really effective?

   We hold so much tension in our faces. This can affect how we look at any age but we can learn to reduce that tension and change expressions that we’ve used for years. Learn to release that tension can be quite difficult. I am here to help you! 

    Our unique face massage experience focuses on the facial fascia, the layer right under the skin of the face for ultimate relaxation.

   Face yoga does not require any creams. It is natural, safe, and relatively easy to practice once you have learnt the various techniques, and unlike Botox or other cosmetic surgeries, it is free from any risks to the facial nerves. 


You will learn a self-massage and how to move your facial muscles in a specific way to plump up cheeks and define the area of your face that loose, inactive muscle has been dragging downwards. It's the best natural pain relief.  


      Women who are learning to use make-up to plump their lips, highlight the contours of their face, and remove dark circles beneath their eyes, will definitely welcome natural help in achieving all of these!

Are you thinking of trying Face yoga?