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Scenar therapy for pain relief

Service Description

How can SCENAR Therapy Help you? Our innovative Scenar therapy is a highly effective pain relief solution for many disorders and injuries, internal diseases, and inflammatory processes We offer treatment for: Joint and muscle pain Back and neck pain Sports injuries Riding injuries Nerve damage Inflammation Low energy Stiffness … and more Who can be treated? Anyone and even babies, young children, elderly patients, and animals because it is non-invasive and painless. Help yourself and people you love! Scenar treatment can help you: 1. Relief of acute and chronic pains. The device helps the production of natural pain-alleviating substances 2. From bruises to serious circulatory diseases. With the scenar device, the blood vessel control can be regulated and normalized 3. Improve muscle tone and relief pain. Scenar therapy to be used for various muscle diseases and injuries, for treating posture disorders, scoliosis, lower back pain. 4. It can prevent inflammation if applied timely, speed up the resolution, and alleviate inflammatory processes' symptoms. 5. Counter-allergic. Scenar is able to provide significant relief for allergy sufferers. Normalizing immune response 6. Emergency and daily aid. The scenar devices have proven effective in various emergency conditions-preventing the onset of shock, restoring consciousness in faints, in case of injuries, bleeding (not severe bleeding), burns, and frostbites. 7. General normalization. Scenar therapy promotes the normalization of protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism, balances mineral and electrolyte exchanges, hence its use in metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, arthritis, etc 8. Cosmetic application. Scenar therapy can improve skin condition through circulation and a general tonic effect. It can relief pain and relax face and neck muscles. 9. Regular use of scenar device improves general physical and psychological well-being, improves productivity and harmonizes sleep patterns. Contraindications Any type of cardiac pacemaker Prone to generalized seizures Intoxicated by alcohol and recreational drugs Avoid the abdomen during pregnancy Caution over malignant tumors or open wounds Today SCENAR therapy is recognized all over the world and millions of patients have benefited from this technology. Scenar is used to relief pain and recovery faster in various diseases and injuries. Book Now

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is in place to ensure everyone has a chance to attend. Nobody likes fees, but everyday classes get fully booked, and sometimes students miss out. Class cancellations can be made via WIX App or website Class cancellations can be made up to 2 hours before the class start time without incurring a fee. Students on a Special Offer Deal will potentially forfeit their deal, no refund will be provided, if they do not cancel 12 hrs before the class starts.

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  • Yoga For Posture-Canberra, David Fleay Street, Wright ACT, Australia


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