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Meet our expert

Elena Amani, align your spine, Yoga for posture

Better posture

Elena is a posture expert and Scenar therapist who offers a unique combination of Scenar Therapy, Face Yoga, and Yoga for posture. She has developed a unique approach to postural pain management that combines the ancient techniques of yoga with modern technology. Elena Amani is dedicated to providing in-depth consultations and custom programs that suit the needs of our clients. If you're ready to live a pain-free life, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

My story

Elena Amani, founder of Yoga for posture

     Hi, I am Elena Amani and for years I suffered from chronic pain. This is what motivated me to become a Scenar Therapy and Yoga practitioner in order to help others find relief from their own pain.

      After suffering from hip bursitis, lower back pain, and a neck injury, I was determined to find something that would help me heal my body and get back to leading an active lifestyle. I eventually found yoga and 10 years later I was introduced to Scenar.

It changed my life

     As someone who has struggled with Crohn's disease for years, finding relief and a sense of peace was important to me. After discovering Scenar therapy and yoga, my life was completely transformed. Scenar treatments helped me to finally be free of pain, and yoga has not only increased my flexibility and strength but has also brought a sense of calmness that I carry with me throughout my day. I am passionate about sharing these life-changing practices with others and helping them experience the same benefits that I have.

     My approach to healing is holistic and individualized, taking into account the unique needs of each client. I encourage clients to take an active role in their own healing process and provide them with the tools necessary to live a pain-free life.

     For the past 11 years, I have been teaching yoga classes and workshops, and helping people restore balance in their lives. I specialise in injury-specific yoga, mindful movement, and breathwork, and believe in the power of yoga to heal the body and mind


My training

I have studied Hatha yoga training extensively. I am continually learning and discovering how the body moves and functions. I impart this knowledge through my classes so you too can enjoy these benefits.  

I have undertaken a wide range of within Australia and abroad since 2006. Additionally, I have studied and completed further trainings and certificate courses:

  • 2012 "Yoga and Meditation teacher training"  

  • 2014:

    • Reflexology course with Australian Institute of Applied Sciences.

    • "Applied Anatomy & Physiology of posture" 

    • "Yoga for kids"  

  • 2017:  

    • "Yoga therapy"  

    • "Advanced yoga", teacher Simon Borg - Olivier.

  • 2018:

    • "Posture Expert" certificate

    •  Attended Knoff yoga workshop

    •  "Pain solutions" course.

    •  "Ocular Neuro Rehabilitation" training course

    •  "Head posture analysis and structural restoration" course

  • 2019:

    •  The vital Psoas muscle" certificate

    • "The Vital Glutes" course

    • "Isometric strength"6-day course

    • "Yoga and meditation for brain injury" certificate

    • "Thai yoga massage practitioner" certificate

  • 2020:

    • Posture Archetype professional online course

    •  Myofascial massage

    •  "Face yoga" certificate

  • 2022

    • Anatomy Trains in Motion course

    • Scenar Therapy practitioner 

    • 2023

    • Restorative Yoga certificate 

    • Ashtanga Yoga certificate


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