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 Beauty Scenar therapy in Canberra

Non-surgical Face lifting with Scenar

Remove toxins

​Scenar Therapy is recommended for deep-seated skin problems, stress, scar tissue, TMJ disorder, and Face lifting. SCENAR therapy affects:

  • The skin, Muscles

  • Lymphatic and blood vessels, provides moisture to the deep layers of the skin

  •  Improves blood circulation,

  • Remove toxins 

  • Stimulates the restoration of the normal physiological activity of cells


Nourish Your Skin and Unwind Your Mind

  • It's a natural, chemical free techniques for ultimate relaxation.

    1 hr

    120 Australian dollars
  • 4 Treatment Package (pre-pay and save $40)

    45 min

    300 Australian dollars
  • Safe and effective way to get rid of stubborn cellulite

    45 min

    120 Australian dollars
  • It's a natural, chemical free techniques for ultimate relaxation.

    45 min

    85 Australian dollars
scenar face massage

Wrap Yourself in Relief: The Scenar Therapy ULM Blanket

We are using a ULM blanket. It assists the body and mind to relax, recover, and re-energize. It has been proven to be successful in the regulation of sleep disorders, resisting stress, reducing muscle tension, and anti-aging effects.
The ULM  blanket works essentially by reflecting away external energies that may be negatively influencing the body and also by reflecting back to the body's own energies.

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