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Yoga for face

Learn the Unique method to look better and feel better! The scientist were able to rate an approximate three-year decrease in age appearance over a 20-week period. The most dramatic effect was upper and lower cheek fullness of the participants, who were all 50+ years of age. You will learn to move your face muscles in a specific way to plump up cheeks and define the area of your face that loose, inactive muscle has been dragging downwards. It's a best natural pain relief. Yoga for posture!

We offer online or face to face yoga classes in Canberra. 

Are you thinking of trying Yoga for face?

       Massaging my own face has never been a priority for me. Until I got a TMJ disorder. TMJ disorders — a type of temporomandibular disorder or TMD — can cause pain in your jaw joint and in the muscles that control jaw movement.

      We hold so much tension in our face. This can affect how we look at any age but we can learn to reduce that tension and change expressions that we’ve used for years. Learn to release that tension can be quite difficult.


 What can you get from "Yoga for face"?

Face yoga is the practice of various exercises that focus on facial muscles and offers a wide variety of benefits to practitioners beyond just physical appearance:



1. Increased blood flow to the skin and your brain can help to fight free radicals and renewal cell

2. Boost your lymphatic system

3. More oxygen to the face

4. Reduced Visible signs of ageing.

5. More symmetrical face and better posture

6. Can help with TMJ disorders

7. Removed sinus blockage

8. Greater confidence

9. Feeling of relaxation and ease

10. Better control of muscles used for speech

    It may seem curious that moving your face in a specific way actually reduces lines rather than creating them, the fact is that face yoga works a lot like resistance training.

     Face yoga does not require any creams. It is natural, safe, and relatively easy to practice one you have learnt the various techniques, and unlike Botox or other cosmetic surgeries, it is free from any risks to the facial nerves. 

     Luckily, there are many poses and exercises in face yoga that are specifically aimed at supporting this area.

     Women who are learning to use make-up to plump their lips, highlight the contours of their face and remove dark circles beneath their eyes, will definitely welcome natural help in achieving all of these!



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