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Yoga for Posture in Dickson

Service Description

Do you want to reduce occupational stress associated with neck and back pain? Join our weekly yoga sessions on Friday at 12.30pm - 1.15pm Location: Cafe Stepping Stone Dickson Downer Olympic Soccer Club, 8 Hawdon Pl, Dickson, ACT Reduce occupational Stress Associated with Neck and Back Pain and Relax by using breathing and relaxation meditation with Yoga for Posture. Book a Private class to find the right poses for you The body and mind work together to improve our health, but lack of knowledge and awareness can cause serious health problems and pain, and an inability to maintain good health and well-being. We hold the stress and strain in our bodies. We often tense up, and many of us spend our lives that way. Yoga for posture focus is on the main postural muscles and how they are affected by life. Improve the body-mind connection, physical, mental and spiritual health. Posture correction is the main key to release pain, including pain relief from the lower back, simply stretching and strengthening muscles isn't the best way to transform the body. ​ Observation of body symmetry and asymmetry in yoga postures can help identify problems. ​​ 10 Reasons to take this class: 1. Develop the mind muscles connection. 2. Strengthening your Pelvic floor 3. Learn Nerves mobilisation exercises. It can affect quite profoundly the function of the joints and muscles around joints. 4. Abdominal breathing - learn to relax 5. Learn spine protecting movement. 6. Balance the adrenal glands, 7. Removing anxiety and tension. 8. Improves blood circulation to the whole trunk and strengthens all the internal organs. 9. Core stabilisation exercises 10.​​ You will build strength and power without lifting any weight Our mindfulness practice and a well-chosen set of asanas, combined with breathing, meditation and yoga nidra, are most effective. Become full of vitality and strength, the mind become light, creative and balanced.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is in place to ensure everyone has a chance to attend. Nobody likes fees, but everyday classes get fully booked, and sometimes students miss out. Class cancellations can be made via WIX App or website Class cancellations can be made up to 2 hours before the class start time without incurring a fee. Students on a Special Offer Deal will potentially forfeit their deal, no refund will be provided, if they do not cancel 12 hrs before the class starts.

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Yoga For Posture-Canberra, David Fleay Street, Wright ACT, Australia

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