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Learn Face Yoga method One-On-One

Service Description

Your exercises program will be tailored to you and the results you want. Our unique face massage experience focuses on the facial fascia, the layer right under the skin of the face. It's a natural way for ultimate relaxation and face lifting. Face yoga is a great way to look better and reduce pain. This service offers a series of exercises designed to improve skin tone and texture, reduce headaches, jaw pain, and neck pain. All exercises will be performed on the chair in front of the mirror. Please, wear sport clothes, no makeup. The classes are suitable for beginners and those who are already familiar with Yoga for face. You will learn some techniques for achieving quick and effective results: We hold all negative feelings and trauma in our body and face. This can affect how we look at any age. Stress can increase your risk of developing depression, negatively impact your immune system, and increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. It starts from an early age. We experience stress at school then in the work place. We worry about our family, become upset and angry, feel anxiety and guilt.... The stress manifests in the face first. When muscles are tight for a long period of time they become an independent hyperactive system. It increases negative emotions Face yoga is the practice of various exercises that focus on facial muscles and offers a wide variety of benefits to practitioners beyond just physical appearance: 1. Increase blood flow to the skin and your brain. 2. Boost your lymphatic system 3. More oxygen to your face 4. Reduced visible signs of ageing 5. More symmetrical face and better posture 6. Can help with TMJ disorders 7. Remove sinus blockages 8. Greater confidence 9. Feeling of relaxation 10. Better control of muscles used for speech  Levels of collagen start to dwindle as early as your teens. By the time you get to your mid-twenties, you might start seeing a few lines appearing in your skin. As you begin to age, other factors and lifestyle issues come into play that affect the skin tissue. For example: lack of sleep, excess drinking, UV sun rays, too much salt and rubbing eyes. Luckily, there are many poses and exercises in face yoga that are specifically aimed at supporting this area.  Women who are learning to use make-up to plump their lips, highlight the contours of their face and remove dark circles beneath their eyes, will definitely welcome natural help in achieving all of these!

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is in place to ensure everyone has a chance to attend. Nobody likes fees, but everyday classes get fully booked, and sometimes students miss out. Class cancellations can be made via WIX App or website Class cancellations can be made up to 2 hours before the class start time without incurring a fee. Students on a Special Offer Deal will potentially forfeit their deal, no refund will be provided, if they do not cancel 12 hrs before the class starts.

Contact Details

  • Yoga For Posture-Canberra, David Fleay Street, Wright ACT, Australia


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