Teresita Daroca Capell

 Nutrition expert  

  • Teresita is a nutrition expert in Nutrigenetics, Nutrigenomics, and Nutricosmetics who currently lives in Spain.
  • Teresita offers consultations on matters of food and nutrition and their impacts on health.
  • She will help you to eat the right food and supplements on depends on your health issue.
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Teresita Daroca Capell
Teresita Daroca Capell

 What is it Nutrigenetics?

   Nutritional genomics or nutrigenetics is the science that studies the relationship between genes and individual responses to diet. 

   Nutrigenetics can help you to find the answer to why we respond differently to the same diet.

   Thanks to studies, we know that only 30% of our genetics influents our health. It means if you have a predisposition to suffer from health issues at some point in your life that it's defined and you cannot control.

  The remaining 70% depends on environmental factors that can be modulated, such as diet or exercise. Practice Yoga, eating well, and calming your mind will help you to have a better life. 


2022 Master of Pharmacy in Phytotherapy.  University of Barcelona.

 2020 Master of Nutrition and Health.  Open University of Catalonia.

 2020 Specialization in Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics.  University of Barcelona.

 2015 Postgraduate Specialization in Analysis and Prevention of Mining Socio-Energy Conflicts.  Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Lima.  2014-2015.

 2014 VII Course of Protocol and Ceremonial of the State Diplomatic Academy of Peru Javier Pérez de Cuéllar Lima-Peru.

 2010 2012 Master's in Public Health with mention in Project Organization.  San Martin de Porres University, Lima-Peru.

 2006 2009 Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition.  Ramon Llull University, Barcelona- Faculty of Health Sciences.  Barcelona, ​​Spain


 Yoga teacher.  Kabaalya School, India 2021

 Yoga teacher, International School of Yoga in Madrid, specialization (in progress), Madrid 2021.

Feel free to ask a question: teresitadc@hotmail.com