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Reduce Neck and Jaw pain, lift your face

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Face yoga is a great way to look better and reduce pain. This service offers a series of exercises designed to improve skin tone and texture, reduce headaches, jaw pain, and neck pain. Nourish your youthful face with our easy Face and neck self-massage course. All it takes is 15 mins a day. You’ll get full access to: 21+ video lessons and 40 minute face-massage tour What's more, you'll learn how to release neck tension and discomfort with spinal mobility stretches + posture correction exercises. Ready for your face-massage tour? Face yoga is the practice of various exercises that focus on facial muscles and offers a wide variety of benefits to practitioners beyond just physical appearance: 1. Increase blood flow to the skin and your brain. 2. Boost your lymphatic system 3. More oxygen to your face 4. Reduced visible signs of ageing 5. More symmetrical face and better posture 6. Can help with TMJ disorders 7. Remove sinus blockages 8. Greater confidence 9. Feeling of relaxation 10. Better control of muscles used for speech 11. Natural 12. Safe 13. Relatively easy to practice the various massage techniques 14. Free from any risks to your facial nerves (unlike botox or cosmetic surgeries) Please consult your doctor if you have any serious issues. Discover how my face transformed: Ready to discover your radiant face? Join now to unlock your youthful face tour:)

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