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Create strong core and pelvic floor

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Our 4 week online course will help you to create a strong pelvic floor, core and improve digestion. Through a series of targeted exercises and breathing techniques, we will help you to increase your strength, reduce your waistline and improve your overall health. You will discover how to do: 1. Pelvic floor contractions, it stimulates the pelvic floor nerves and tones uro genital and excretory system. Intestinal peristalsis is also stimulated, relieving constipation and piles. It enables sexual energy to be directed either upward for spiritual development, or downward to enhance marital relations. 2. Abdominal breathing - learn to relax and massage your abdominal organs and reduce fat around your belly 3. Preparatory practice: abdominal contraction, is the panacea for many acute abdominal and stomach ailments, including constipation, indigestion, worms and diabetes. The adrenal glands will be balance, removing anxiety and tension. Improves blood circulation to the whole trunk and strengthens all the internal organs. 4. Stimulate endocrine system. 5. Abdominal cupping massage 6. Strengthen the pelvic floor 7. Core stabilisation exercises Contra-indications: heart conditions, high blood pressure, hernia, pregnancy, stomach ulcer

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