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How to lift the eyelids online program

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Let your eyes sparkle! Across your 7 step Eyelid Lifting video course, I take you step by step through a series of targeted face self-massage to help you reduce the appearance of ageing around your eyes. You’ll learn how to: 1. Lift your droopy eyelids to create bigger eyes 2. Reduce dark circles and bags under your eyes 3. Support your eye health by simply making 5 healthier lifestyle choices 4. Massage your neck, scalp and forehead—your headache remedy:) Here’s just 5 benefits of eye self-massage: 1. Improves blood circulation around your eye tissue 2. Minimises the appearance of “crow's feet" lines at the sides of your eyes 3. Helps you to restore your eyes shape and size 4. Strengthens your muscles in your orbital area 5. Improves your facial muscle balance Did you know the skin around your eyes moves? That's right, it happens when you are blinking, smiling, laughing or crying. How can we support our ageing skin? Here’s 5 lifestyle factors that influence your eye skin tissue: 1. Rubbing your eyes 2. Inadequate sleep 3. Excessive drinking 4. UV sun rays 5. Salty diet So already your levels of collagen have began to dwindle since you were in your teens. But then came those lines appearing on your skin and around our eyes… Luckily we can support our ageing skin and our surrounding eye tissue by simply enjoying easy face self-massage exercises. Ready to begin your eyelid lifting tour? Let your face massage begin!

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