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Looking for fresh ways to stay in shape? Join to learn an effective routine that you can do from home. This is a simple technique uses a small bolster or towel. All exercises are on the floor. Benefits: 1. Correct posture 2. Align pelvis and spine. 3. Strengthening abdominal muscles and glutes. 4. Lose the stubborn fat 5. Transform your body. Use these 3-6 weeks to freshen up your regular routine, get some new ideas and stay in shape. Does this method really work? Almost everyone says that after two sessions their waist size decreased by one centimetre. After only the first lesson, participants experienced better posture and sense of lightness in the spine. Everyone noticed a lengthening of their spine of one to two centimetres. What people say: "I would like to write in support of the significant benefits accrued from regular practice. I lost over 4cm around my waist and other reduction in key area. People observed that my shape was changing-and for the better!"- Jane, 54y.o. "I have noticed a range of different benefits and changes to my body. My back feels a lot stronger and I am able to move more freely. I noticed some weight transfer in different parts of my body." Paul, 45y.o.

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