Meet a Teacher

 Hi, my name is Elena. For the last 12 years I have been doing research on hips, knees and lower back issues due to my injuries. I have become a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Yoga therapy instructor, Posture expert and Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner, supporting natural pain relief. We provide private and group classes in our Canberra studio. We also have online yoga classes. 

Elena Amani yoga teacher in Canberra

My Story

I was born in Russia, and I also lived in Belgium and Croatia. In Europe, I learned isokinetic exercises, which can be performed with a large and very expensive computer-backed machine such as SYBEX. I learnt to use isokinetic muscles activation and muscle energy technique in yoga which dramatically improved my health:

I aligned my pelvis and my shoulder.

I have TMJ; thanks to "Yoga for face", I relieved pain in my jaw

I released pain in my lower back, hip and knees with myofascial massage

My body and mind become more vital.

I stabilised the blood levels of thyroid hormone.

I control the Crohn's disease 

I reduced hypoxia and headaches

The Hip bursitis is gone


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.